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Oilfield Lodging Hotels has specialized in Hotels and Apartments for the last decade. However, until TODAY, we have not been working in the Oil Field Lodging sector.

Our founder, Rod Williams, has specialized in crew logistics for decades. Williams founded Globeo and He was the founder and visionary that changed the crew logistics and large group hotel booking industry for oilfield companies until he sold his companies and focused the last 3 years on new software to enable companies to take their bookings in house. For many years companies have been dealing with 3rd party companies that buy the hotel rooms at one price and markup the price sometimes 50% and resale to their clients. “That kind of spread/markup is gouging in my opinion” says Williams. “We feel at, that being transparent about all costs is paramount.”

This month we are launching our new crew booking software for the oil field industry. We have contracted with 600k hotels globally and all of the major workforce housing companies across the US and Canada. The key differentiators will be in the high technology, user interface, cost savings and the ability to tie directly via API into your ERP,CRM, or accounting systems. Whether you use SAP, SAP ONE, QuickBooks (any platform) or Salesforce or similar CRM, our software will eliminate labor costs and lower hotel rate costs. The “easy button” will be just login to our website and “look and book”. For a demonstration of our new crew logistics booking platform: Email:

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