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Los Angeles San Fernando Valley Fires Temporary Lodging

Los Angeles San Fernando Valley Fires Temporary Lodging


Please call -1-866-645-7055 if you have lost a home and have home owners insurance.

What We Provide


  • Our service is approved by your insurance carrier
  • You are hand-held throughout the process by a caring relocation concierge level specialist
  • Our on-site concierge team seeks rental properties on your behalf
  • We secure available hotels at discounted rates during high occupancy
  • You have no out-of-pocket costs for hotel or property rental
  • We mobilize furniture and appliances, from pre-staged inventory for delivery to the impacted area
  • We have multi-lingual assistance available


  • Our dedicated CAT Logistics Team provides logistical support for CAT deployment
  • An executive level contact partners with you to respond to ever-shifting demands
  • A single-point-of-contact is available 24/7
  • We secure first right of refusal at hotels along the storm’s path
  • We locate, secure and communicate reservation details to deployed adjusters
  • We place room and tax on an credit card and directly bill carriers
  • We reserve meeting rooms upon request
  • We provide daily updates of room allocations
  • We detail invoices and summaries per event and per adjuster

How do I reach Corporate Lodging in times of disaster?

Simply calling our disaster response hotline at 866-645-7055 and we will connect you with a caring disaster response specialist day or night. We provide expert concierge staff 24/7  in our Austin Texas Fulfillment center during times of high demand to make certain that adjuster and policyholder alike are responded to quickly and taken care of with care.

What does do on site in disasters?

Our situation room is on call 24/7.  We get to the effected area hours of the CAT event.’s  “Boots on the Ground” method secures us  much-needed property relationships with hotels and lodging locations on a “first come, first served” situation.

How can get hotel rooms where none are available?

Because of our long term relationships and existing buying power with lodging partners across the country, has exclusive booking inventory not posted on a hotel websites and has priority booking in times of catastrophic need.

Does monitor inclement weather conditions?’s disaster response team monitors emergency activities  24/7/365 through our emergency Situation Room in Austin Texas.We anticipate and plan with our disaster response partners how we can help the most with each moment.

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