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Corporate Lodging vs Hotels Cost Savings has stellar apartments in upscale communities; our clients feel like they are traveling while staying at home.

  • Real apartments in a residential setting, not an impersonal hotel room in a commercial location
  • Twice the square footage of a typical hotel room
  • Sometimes even more than half the cost of a standard or typical  hotel room
  • Our 2 & 3 bedroom apartments are a much better value and alternative choice for families, or for traveling roommates, than hotel suites

A considerable savings compared to a hotel room. Consider these savings:

  • No lodging taxes for 30-31 day stays or longer, with potential savings up to 22%. Some cities and states can be an even higher savings.
  • Considerably lowered meal expenses by dining at home, avoiding expensive restaurants and room service fees. EAT HEALTHY
  • Free parking available at most all of our apartments, except for a few urban locations i.e. NYC,SF
  • No “nickel and diming”. Don’t worry about the added staff tipping or room service charges or even the seldom used local telephone call expenses













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