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Corporate Lodging Leads for Property Owners


Corporate Lodging Leads for Property Owners


As we take a look at 2016, we see the quality of our rental leads in our business and how they are coming in to our corporate housing providers. We look at things in a variety of ways.

  1. are they fresh?
  2. are they being “over shared”? (hammering)
  3. are they pre-qualified?

Let’s take a look at the first one, are they fresh? We have all received leads in some form and when we call them to get a corporate housing location,budget and start date…. THEY HAVE  ALREADY BOOKED. My initial thought is “WHY On earth would anybody send me a lead that is a few days old?” because we all know they’ve already booked corporate lodging. What a complete waste of time and energy! That wasted time and costs money especially when you or your employees are constantly chasing dead end leads. I would think, before I buy these leads, when were they received? who interviewed them? has there been any qualification, has anybody spoken to them?

Get the ROI. Use discernment.

I am no stranger to the sales lead business. My previous two companies lived and died by the lead. We performed outbound sales, were heavily working on SEO traffic, constantly farming for referrals from clients, we also scoured the newspapers and trade journals for new work in regions and THEN we would call and QUALIFY those leads on the phone through a rigorous process to get to the point. Are they tire kickers? or not.

We always said for years in Real Estate, “Buyers are Liars, and Sellers are Smellers” On that initial call we may not end up with an objection but a liar either boasting about how much business they can give us for the RIGHT PRICE (discount) or someone gathering information so they can circumvene your hard earned diligence and go around you and then tell their boss they did it themselves to prove that their job is worth their pay.

Industry Professionals are Imperative

Without industry professionals “sniffing’ out the truth on either side of the process we end up with a black eye on the market place and dissatisfied corporate housing clients.  My motto has always been in any business I have owned is “The bottom line is the bottom line”. Meaning, lets keep our clients budgets on target or better, and let’s give them more value than what they pay. That’s our philosophy at



We have decided to partner with the best qualified Corporate Housing providers in the US and Canada. When a client request comes in from a website query we call the potential client and give them a thorough interview about their needs. does not widespread our potential clients to 100 different companies. Our team only works on regional, or even as tightly as Zip code basis (if needed). We do not want our potential client getting 10 calls in an hour. We want our clients to receive one, professional call from an approved provider that will treat our client base with integrity and become a concierge type professional for them. That is why we only do business with corporate housing providers that are approved by our accredited rating system. Are they Fresh? YES.

Let’s take a look at number two, are they being over shared?

I mentioned above about overselling the leads. However, sometimes those leads you share  with one sales agent may end up getting 20 calls from that agent. That is a product of what we call “hammering the client”. Hammering is just like it sounds. At some point when the nail won’t go in with force, you end up destroying the nail. Essentially be careful and precise with your potential client.

We find that Corporate Lodging clients are savvy,professional hard working people either trying to book their own accommodations or they are coordinating for a workforce. Either way, they are the life blood of this industry and we treat them like diamonds. We build a relationship with them. We want their business for years to come. So, don’t hammer your clients. They will book when you provide them the solution to their problem.  #relationshipbuilding #corporatehousing

Secondly on the topic of over sharing of leads, we will not over share our leads. We act as a intermediary between the provider and the end user looking for corporate housing. If the first provider is unsuccessful we will find another solution for the end user. Hand holding is trust building.

And finally number three, are they pre-qualified? YES.

We call our clients always. We interview them and help them get the right solution before we pass them on to our corporate housing providers such as apartment complexes,hotels, extended stay hotels and even private residences available. Some people use to say “a lead is a lead is a lead” and that is a fallacy. A qualified lead ready to close is a better lead than using a phone book tactic of lead gen.

The bottom line here is not only are you building relationships with your clients, but also, are YOU listening to their needs?


If you need corporate lodging of any type, fill out a form and we will call you and refer you to the right qualified professionals.

Do you need new clients for your property that are pre-qualified? fill out a form and we will call you.


Happy Holidays!


Rod Williams










Here is a link to a company that knows how to work leads well –

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